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Giving You The Tools To Resolve Cybersecurity Issues

Cybersecurity law is extremely complex and constantly evolving. Virtually every company is subject to federal or state law and regulation — or both — in one way or another. We help you design comprehensive cybersecurity management plans that both meet your specific regulatory requirements and protect against cyber liability, fines, and penalties.

Berenzweig Leonard’s Cybersecurity practice encompasses all elements of data security and privacy for both U.S. and international clients. We have developed a national reputation for our ability to address complex our data security matters, from helping our clients prepare for and avoid data breaches to rapidly and effectively responding to them when they do occur.

Drawing From Our Vast Experience To Customize Your Strategy

Berenzweig Leonard enjoys a special advantage over other firms because of our deep experience in government contracting, technology law, and litigation, including white collar criminal defense. We track new FARs and DFARs and assist clients in performing a holistic analysis of their cyber exposure so that the rules flow down to subcontractors and cloud providers, even for commercial items.

Beyond technical IT defense considerations, the huge spike in phishing and spear-phishing attacks have put a renewed focus on employee policies and procedures and employee awareness training. We incorporate data security and privacy policies into our standard employee handbooks and policies, but these rules must be customized to the specific security and operating principles adopted by the client.

Helping You Navigate A Complex Landscape Effectively

At Berenzweig Leonard, our role is to help our clients navigate this complex landscape. True cybersecurity protection is not a one-time event — it is a continuous process of security monitoring and defense. Our team of experienced attorneys and network assessment and training vendors can help you design and implement a cost-effective solution.

Our cybersecurity and data privacy services include:

  • Attorney-client-privileged engagements to protect investigation results
  • Coordinate with experienced subject-matter expert contractors for network assessment, penetration testing, and forensic investigations
  • Complete understanding of all federal government contracting regulations and flow-downs
  • Experience with the application of all state data breach laws
  • Cybersecurity preparation and planning advisory work to mitigate the risk of a breach
  • PCI, HIPAA, and FTC experience and participation in federal agency investigations
  • White collar investigation, subpoena, and enforcement experience
  • Access control, incident response, and facility access policies and procedures
  • Electronic communications, BYOD, social media policies and procedures, and employee training options
  • Investigation, subpoena, e-discovery, and litigation capabilities for data breach-related lawsuits
  • Negotiation of cloud service provider terms of use, SLAs, and audit support requirements
  • Recommendations for cyber-insurance policy coverages
  • Coverage of related white collar and disciplinary and regulatory issues

At Berenzweig Leonard, our team of highly-skilled attorneys has the foresight you need to anticipate problems and find a cost-effective remedy. We are ready to collaborate with you on any matter related to your business’s data security concerns.

Learn More About Our Data Protection Legal Services

Whether you have questions about data breach notifications, concerns about minimizing privacy violations, or other intricate cybersecurity matter, we are equipped to help. Contact us today to learn how our lawyers can help you develop a multifaceted approach that adjusts to meet your needs and remain compliant with changing regulations. Reach our D.C. metro firm at 703-760-0402 or via our online contact form.

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