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Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk With Proactive Measures

When your business endeavors require you to store sensitive material about your technological innovations or personal identifying information in the cloud or on your servers, it is crucial that you have safeguards in place to protect this valuable data.

At Berenzweig Leonard, our team of cybersecurity lawyers helps U.S. business owners and international clients develop robust security measures. We take pride in our ability to identify and address internal and external weaknesses in our clients’ data storage systems. We have the background necessary to establish effective protocols that comply with data management regulations and mitigate risk.

Helping You Keep Your Data Safe

Our attorneys consult with industry-leading business owners about cybersecurity best practices. We tailor a creative, multitactical approach for our clients that assesses risk and educates those responsible for handling data.

Our risk mitigation services include:

  • Customizing training on how to collect, transmit, secure, and dispose of data
  • Developing incident response protocols
  • Conducting audits for data security compliance
  • Creating data security training for contractors and vendors

Our technology and cybersecurity attorneys have a substantial understanding of the data storage and privacy regulations that business owners must follow in the U.S. and abroad. Whether you are struggling to adhere to HIPAA regulations, GDPR directives, or other complex privacy acts, we are qualified to explain these laws in terms you can understand and develop a practical compliance program.

As your advocates, we strive to help you create a system that encourages vigilance and responsiveness in the event of a breach. From our location in the D.C. metro, we are ready to advise U.S. and international companies.

Contact Us To Take A Step Toward Securing Your Valuable Information

Time is not on your side if you suspect that you have suffered a data breach or have a weakness in your cybersecurity protocols. Contact us at 703-760-0402 or online to learn how we can strengthen your data protection protocols.

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