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Identifying Practical Solutions to Facilitate Compliance

Staying compliant with state and federal regulations is a time-consuming task that takes insight and diligence to address. Failing to comply can lead to large fines and prolonged legal battles. At Berenzweig Leonard, we help companies establish policies and codes of ethics and conduct that facilitate compliance with the law and other applicable regulations.

Our team of attorneys stays on top of the changing regulations and reporting procedures that shape your workplace policies and govern obligations to your current and former employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and other parties. As an innovative, full-service business law firm, our lawyers have the skill and knowledge to help with all aspects related to the complex arena.

Customizing Strategies According to Your Needs

Whether you are starting up your enterprise or are an established entity, we are able to design compliance strategies that address current or upcoming challenges. We represent nationally-recognized entities in a range of industries, so we are intimately familiar with the issues executives face at every stage of their company’s growth and development.

Our corporate compliance services include:

  • Assisting companies in developing and applying robust and effective compliance policies for benefits plans, data management, and other programs
  • Helping federal contractors and subcontractors put in place a Code of Business Ethics
  • Conducting periodic reviews of business practices, procedures, human resource policies, and internal controls, as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Implementing business ethics and compliance programs to help executives, managers, and employees remedy problematic situations

Our lawyers draw from their diverse legal and technical backgrounds to identify cost-effective solutions that protect your company’s interests. The laws that regulate business transactions and your interactions with other parties are intricate, which is why we strive to create straightforward compliance programs that are easy to adopt and comprehend.

With our assistance, our corporate clients have adjusted their workplace policies in a timely manner. Taking these steps today can help your company avoid the costly repercussions of noncompliance: defending against civil suits or white-collar charges.

Speak to a Skilled Attorney Today

Partner with our creative legal team to get the knowledgeable counsel you need to make wise decisions. We are ready to answer your compliance questions when you consult with us. For your convenience, you can connect with our Virginia office online or by phone at 703-760-0402.

Located near the nation’s capital, we are proud to serve clients across the country.

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