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Treating Your White Collar Criminal Matters with the Urgency They Deserve

Allegations of wrongdoing can distract a company and its executives from its business, or imperil the continued existence of that business, or even threaten the liberty of its executives. At Berenzweig Leonard, we understand that your company’s investigation or criminal charges are of paramount importance. We will get to work right away on these threats to your business interests, striving to mitigate the impact that a criminal investigation or white collar criminal charges can have on your livelihood, your reputation, or your freedom.

Our firm is uniquely qualified to represent clients at all stages of a federal criminal process in federal and state courts in Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, and around the country. Our legal team includes former prosecutors and attorneys with years of experience as state and federal prosecutors and as defenders of businesses and individuals. We draw on this expansive skill set when we represent executives, business owners, and companies throughout the country who are concerned about compliance with federal laws and regulations, are the target of an investigation, or have been charged with an offense.

Providing Knowledgeable Counsel From Day One

At Berenzweig Leonard, we also believe that effective compliance programs can be the best protection against unwelcome government scrutiny. We offer corporate compliance services to help our clients establish policies that promote ethical behavior and adhere to applicable regulations. When allegations arise — from a call to a hotline, a visit by law enforcement agents, or otherwise — we conduct thorough and effective internal investigations to help companies govern themselves and their employees. And if a company or individual nevertheless becomes the target of federal or state investigation or charged with a crime, we aggressively defend our clients’ rights in court with creative and thorough approaches to each case.

Our white collar defense services include:

  • Responding to reports suggesting its employees may have engaged in illegal conduct — whether the result of a call to an ethics hotline or a directive from the board of directors’ audit committee or corporate governance committee — by conducting a thorough and impartial investigation to determine the facts while protecting the investigation from third parties
  • Assisting companies and individuals that receive requests for information from a government agency — whether via subpoena or other formal demand, or phone call from a law enforcement agent or inspector general’s office — and ensuring the company or individual complies with applicable obligations, while helping managers and employees understand the risks associated with responding to such requests and protecting against the risk of civil or criminal liability
  • Protecting the rights of companies or individuals who are targeted by federal or state investigators or who are contacted during the course of such an investigation
  • Aggressively defending companies and individuals who face criminal charges in federal or state court

We also represent companies and individuals in administrative and civil enforcement proceedings such as those brought by state attorneys general, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and other state and federal government agencies.

Our dynamic defensive strategies and ability to navigate these complex processes are reasons why we have obtained favorable results for our clients who are confronting allegations or charges.

Arrange a Confidential Consultation to Assess Your Options

We know that criminal investigations or charges can have a significant effect on your professional and personal life. When you consult with us at our D.C. metro office, we will handle your matter with the urgency and discretion it deserves while answering your white collar criminal defense questions. Schedule your meeting by dialing 703-760-0402 or contacting us online.

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