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Identifying Cost-Effective Solutions To Protect Your Data

It can be a challenge for business owners and corporations to create a straightforward data protection policy that complies with industry, state, and federal regulations. However, without the strong safeguards in place, failing to secure or destroy sensitive identifying information in an appropriate manner could have costly repercussions.

At Berenzweig Leonard, our attorneys are intimately familiar with the array of data security laws that affect how your business handles the personal information that you receive from consumers, employees, contractors, and other parties. Our cybersecurity practice remains current with legal trends in this dynamic field, successfully representing clients in the public and public sector.

Developing Safeguards That Prevent Common Privacy Violations

When you retain our team, we will assess your policies for collecting, storing, and destroying personal information before recommending a course of action. With our assistance, we can help you avoid these errors that often lead to privacy violations and heavy fines:

  • Inadequate data protection measures
  • Illegal data collection
  • Unauthorized data transmission
  • Illegal sale of personal information
  • Compliance failure

As your advocates, we will customize a data security plan that provides clear instruction and establishes robust measures to prevent a data breach. We remain mindful of the negative impacts your business may face when privacy laws are violated and will explore all options to mitigate this risk. When your business relies on consumer trust to remain viable, losing this confidence can be devastating.

Partner With A Leading Cybersecurity Legal Team

We offer a range of cybersecurity services tailored to your business needs and concerns. Learn more about how we can help limit your legal exposure to privacy violation lawsuits during your confidential consultation. Please email or call our innovative firm at 703-760-0402 to begin the process and get answers to your data breach questions.

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