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In the Rocket Docket, Motions are Not Just for Fridays Any More

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Rocket Docket

For those of us who practice regularly in the Eastern District of Virginia, for many years,  Fridays have been busy days in the courthouse, with lots of traffic at the entrances and in the elevators. This is because the District Judges and Magistrate Judges have customarily held their civil and criminal motion dockets on Fridays. 

In the Alexandria courthouse, that is another familiar feature that is about to change—at least for some of the jurists in that division of the Rocket Docket.

On June 13, counsel registered for the CM/ECF system in the Eastern District of Virginia received an announcement that, starting on Monday, June 22, the schedule for motion dockets was changing in an effect to reduce the number of people in the courthouse building on any given day. Judge Brinkema will now hear her motions dockets on Tuesday, and Judges Trenga and Alston will hear motions dockets on Wednesday. Judge O’Grady will hear  criminal matters in open court on Tuesdays starting at 10:30 am, but will continue to hear civil matters by teleconference on Friday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Judges Hilton and Ellis and Magistrate Judges Buchanan, Anderson, Davis and Nachmanoff will continue to hear their motion dockets on Friday. Counsel are to notice motions consistent with this new schedule.

One other note: News media have reported recently that Judge Liam O’Grady took senior status as of May 1, 2020—a move that will create another vacancy in the Rocket Docket. Judge O’Grady has been on the bench in the Alexandria Division of the Eastern District of Virginia since 2007.

David Deitch leads the White Collar Defense and Corporate Compliance practice at Berenzweig Leonard. David is an experienced white collar trial lawyer who has tried more than 100 jury trials to verdict in federal and state courts around the nation. He can be reached at [email protected]