Trademarks and Copyright


New technologies have strained the limits of U.S. copyright law and created challenges involving its interpretation and application.

Our attorneys blog, and we use social media, open source software, and a wide variety of tools to manage our workflows and our technology-driven practice. Our familiarity with these technologies benefits you when you encounter issues involving creative content in these spaces.

Our clients create, distribute, or use digital content, devices, and technology systems, and they require strategic and technical counseling on the effects of laws that impact IP rights, like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This law’s anti-circumvention provision—which makes it illegal to disable copy-protection devices associated with digital content—has been interpreted in surprising ways in different contexts. Companies pushing beyond today’s technologies work with us because of our practical and technical skills and experience in these areas.

We also help technology companies that provide Internet services understand the DMCA’s “safe-harbor” provision, and its limits, as they commercialize their products and services.

We provide other copyright services too, such as:

  • Registration, licensing, and assignments
  • Opinions related to the scope of copyright protection
  • Enforcement activities