Intellectual Property Law

Our clients produce, distribute, and use creative content and technology systems that implicate the many privileges and responsibilities that arise under the laws governing intellectual property.  These laws can be complicated and difficult to navigate, but our firm prides itself on its ability to provide straightforward strategic counseling about the intricate networks of rights relating to every kind of IP.

Our intellectual property services include:

  • Front end counseling about the choice between federal registration and trade secret maintenance
  • Clearance work
  • Trademark prosecution and copyright filings
  • Contracts for workers who produce intellectual property
  • Trade secret protection policies
  • Distribution, sales, and licensing agreements
  • Technology transactions
  • Advertising, e-commerce, and personality rights counseling
  • End user license agreements, privacy policies, and website terms of use
  • Fair use and substantial similarity analyses
  • Intellectual property policing and enforcement strategies
  • Litigation
  • Administrative actions and appeals
  • Oppositions to or defense of marks

New technologies have strained the limits of U.S. copyright law, and new laws like the Defend Trade Secrets Act have established new rights and remedies for those who take proper precautions.  Now more than ever, having competent and experienced intellectual property counsel is key.  At Berenzweig Leonard, we look to coordinate smooth transactions and provide sound advice, and in the event our clients suffer a loss that can’t be remedied through negotiation, we vigorously defend our clients’ rights through the process of litigation.