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A Knowledgeable Ally in Technology Licensing Matters

Well-designed technology licenses allow businesses and individuals to establish the terms of use while increasing revenue. Without a strong background in intellectual property, technology laws, and contracts, it can be difficult to create a licensing agreement that is narrow enough to protect your intellectual property and broad enough to appeal to licensees.

At Berenzweig Leonard, our attorneys know how to strike this balance, helping you maximize the value of your technology and retain control of your tangible and intangible assets. Our technology practice has included software development and licensing since the “dot.com” days of 1998. We represent U.S. and international clients in the hardware, software, internet, data hosting, cloud storage, government contracting, and professional services industries.

Effectively Handling Negotiations and Litigation

We have a deep understanding of licensing laws, having represented overseas companies doing business in the U.S. from the U.K., Scotland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Our business law firm has facilitated countless negotiations and transactions between parties, receiving favorable terms for our clients. We design, revise, and execute enforceable agreements that protect your bottom line by limiting your exposure to risk and protecting your creative works.

Our technology experience includes:

  • Technology sales and licensing, including reseller and VAR agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS licensing, and terms of use, including data privacy schedules
  • Licensing technology to the federal government under all FAR and DFAR clauses
  • Online terms of use, privacy policies, click-wrap licenses, and open source licenses

In addition to our substantial transaction experience, our attorneys are practiced litigators. In the event a licensee violates the terms of your agreement, we are qualified to represent you in courthouses throughout the country. Well-versed in contract law and intellectual property statutes, we have the skills to handle breach of contract cases, infringement disputes, and other conflicts involving software licensing.

Whether you design applications on your own or manage a multinational technology corporation, our firm can help you protect your work before and after you market it. We are the creative legal allies you can depend on to handle all your licensing matters.

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