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Corporate Defense FAQ

With their vast financial and legal resources, federal agencies have a substantial advantage when they conduct federal criminal investigations. If you believe you or your business is the target of an investigation, it is critical to contact a qualified corporate defense firm.

Throughout the Washington, D.C., metro and the surrounding area, Berenzweig Leonard is recognized for its adept handling of intricate business-related legal matters, including corporate defense. Our attorneys have successfully defended executives and businesses against complex white collar criminal charges, including tax conspiracy and violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Whether your corporation is located in the U.S. or abroad, we have the acumen necessary to guide you through this intricate process and achieve a favorable result. Before you contact us about your corporate defense matter, we invite you to read commonly asked questions about charges, compliance, and potential consequences.

Answering Your Questions about White Collar Crimes

What are common types of white collar crimes?

White collar criminal offenses refer to nonviolent crimes that are financially motivated. Charges commonly filed against businesses, executives, or government officials include embezzlement, conspiracy, price fixing, corporate fraud, and tax fraud.

Are these charges typically misdemeanor or felony offenses?

The penalties attached to a white collar crime conviction vary according to the circumstances of the case; however, most white collar defendants are charged with felony offenses. It is important to understand that a criminal record can have a devastating impact on your life, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony conviction.

Can criminal investigations occur at the same time as civil suits?

Yes. Businesses and individuals can be the subject of an investigation while they defend against civil suits. Building an aggressive defense for both matters takes extensive legal knowledge of procedures and case law. Our lawyers have the discipline and diligence to handle these matters.

How can noncompliance lead to a criminal investigation?

Ignorance of state, federal, and industry-wide regulations can lead to a criminal charge if financial statements or other documents are not up to date or appropriately filed. Establishing a straightforward compliance program, conducting internal audits, and advising employees on best practices can minimize the likelihood your business is charged with a violation.

Why is it necessary to retain an attorney if I believe that I am the target of an investigation?

Federal criminal investigations can take years to unfold, but they can have an immediate and negative impact on your business’s reputation and personal welfare. Our attorneys will aggressively protect your rights and take steps to ensure federal agents follow procedures.

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