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Aiding You With Bid Protests

As a business owner who relies on government contract work to make a living, you understand the many challenges and pitfalls the bid process comprises. When an issue with a bid arises, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain how to proceed.

The attorneys at Berenzweig Leonard can help you understand your options and act when necessary. We know that the government contracts marketplace is increasingly competitive, and we have the experience required to understand if the solicitation process indicates any issues and evaluate whether the award was fair.

Answering Your Questions And Pursuing Your Best Interests

The Government Of Accountability Office mandates the appropriations of laws in regard to the government contracts bid process and any protests.  The following are common questions and answers relating to bid protests and procedures.

What Is A Bid Protest And What Bids Can Be Filed At GAO?

A bid protest is any challenge regarding the award of a contract for goods and services, or the challenge of the terms of a solicitation for a government contract. Protests regarding any procurement actions regarded by federal government agencies are filed through the GAO.

When Should A Protest Be Filed?

It is extremely important to file a protest on time. The timeline in which a protest must be filed depends on the specific circumstances of each case. There are specific regulations for different protest matters, and these are strictly enforced. Filing deadlines are calculated using calendar days, specifically business days with the exclusion of holidays and weekends. Our attorneys will help you take swift action, advising you of your options.

How Are Protests Identified?

A GAO protest is assigned a six-digit identifier that is used in combination with the protester’s name.

What Is A Protective Order?

If you already filed a bid protest, you may be issued a protective order. This order prohibits you from disclosing any sensitive information throughout the protest process. The protective order process does allow for attorneys to be privy to certain information, and to argue a protest on behalf of a client.

What Is A Corrective Action?

At any time during a protest, the agency has the ability to voluntarily address the issue. When an agency does so, they take corrective action in the form of a re-evaluation, new award decision, an amendment to a solicitation action, and more.

How Does A Bid Protest End?

Protests can conclude in a few different ways. A protester can withdraw, the GAO may dismiss the protest or deny the protest. And in cases where the GAO is in favor of the protest, the protest will be sustained.

Are Protest Decisions Public?

Some protest decisions will be made public shortly after protest parties are informed of the decision. This varies depending on the outcome and specific circumstances or the protest.

Do I Need An Attorney To File A Protest?

While an individual can file a protest on their own, it is beneficial to have an attorney aid you throughout the process. Only attorneys are permitted certain access, such as that to materials subject to a protective order.

Filing and pursuing protests and the laws that regulate them are substantive and complex matters. Our attorneys will take the time to investigate your claim, advise you of your options, and design a creative and innovative response when aiding you in your protest pursuit.

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