White Collar & Corporate Compliance

Fraud, Bribery, Embezzlement, and Federal Compliance

Berenzweig Leonard represents clients facing white collar crime matters including grand jury subpoenas, search warrants, FBI interviews and federal agency “IG” investigations. Potential penalties for allegations of white collar fraud are significant, and the firm has experienced attorneys to address such matters including John Polk, a former federal prosecutor and former Director of Compliance and Fraud Remedies for the Air Force. Seth Berenzweig has also represented companies in compliance and grand jury matters, and is often called upon to analyze high profile criminal trials, compliance issues and investigations on national television including the Rajaratnam insider trading case and Corzine Congressional hearings.

The firm’s attorneys have experience helping targets of criminal investigations and grand jury proceedings negotiate with prosecutors and federal agents in cases specifically involving federal government contracts. The firm is well positioned to handle such matters, given their extensive background in federal regulatory compliance issues for government contractors, including issues under the False Claims Act and Procurement Integrity Act.

Corporate compliance is also an active component of the firm’s practice. The firm helps companies, business owners and executives implement compliance requirements and compliance training. The firm helps companies and executives understand the myriad of compliance regulations in the Federal Acquisition Regulation, known as the FAR, and related laws. Keeping in mind that the cost of compliance is less than the cost of non-compliance, the firm provides guidance and training to better understand requirements of federal law, so clients can operate successfully while keeping their costs down and revenues up.