Trademarks and Copyright

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are essentially the flip side of patents. While patents protect information that is made public, trade secrets maintain value by remaining confidential. Trade secret protection occurs primarily at the state level.

Maintenance of Trade Secrets

Trade secrets and sensitive competitive information are the lifeblood of many companies. Virtually all companies have information that can be considered a trade secret, but many fail to appreciate its full value and take steps to protect it.

Berenzweig Leonard works with you to craft trade secret policies and protection procedures that are tailored to your needs. We help you understand how to develop protections that trigger statutes like the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (which may apply if an employee uses trade secret information in an unauthorized manner).

Trade Secret Loss

Many companies, including some of our clients, experience significant intentional and unintentional trade secret theft. In fact, a recent industry report revealed that data breaches now cost $1.2 million per incident, and 25% of organizations suffer IP theft each year.

We work with forensic technology specialists to track and identify evidence of trade secret theft in your company. When we uncover evidence of this theft, you need to understand your legal options quickly. If you suffer a loss that can’t be remedied through negotiations, our goal is to protect your confidential information through the courts. Courts can block public disclosure or competitive use of your trade secrets or give you damages for improper use or disclosure activities.