Government Contracts

Debarments and Suspensions

When companies or individuals are faced with a debarment or suspension from doing business with the government, their professional livelihood is on the line. It is critical in such situations to have experienced government contract counsel on their side.

Our lawyers represent clients in debarment and suspension cases. Debarments and suspensions are administrative remedies the government uses, sometimes in conjunction with criminal prosecution or civil litigation, but they provide significant stand-alone remedies. They are serious actions that can put a company or executive out of business, because they prohibit government agencies from awarding new contracts and purchase orders and exercising options on existing contracts.

Experienced in Debarment and Suspension Representation

Representing clients in debarment and suspension cases requires a blend of experience with criminal law, civil litigation and government contracts. Our lawyers have extensive experience with these cases. John Polk, Special Counsel to the firm, has worked on dozens of debarment and suspension cases, and he was previously the Director of the Air Force’s Anti-Fraud Office. Attorneys Terry O’Connor and Seth Berenzweig also have significant experience handling such cases on behalf of clients.