Entertainment, Sports and Media Law

Berenzweig Leonard understands that the entertainment, sports and media industries of today reach far beyond the traditional markets of Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville.

Creative institutions and talent do not confine themselves to certain geographic areas, and the firm believes that effective legal representation for businesses and individuals in the entertainment industry should be equally available. As a result, Berenzweig Leonard was one of the first law firms in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area to launch a practice area specifically geared toward addressing the unique needs of musicians, former professional athletes, artists, and others in the entertainment field, and continues to be one of the only firms with such an integrated practice area located in this region. It also serves as legal counsel to the Washington West Film Festival, the preeminent film festival in the Washington Metropolitan area.

 The Entertainment, Sports and Media Practice

Berenzweig Leonard combines its experience in business development and strategy, intellectual property, and contract matters with its uniquely in-depth entertainment industry and media background.

Seth Berenzweig

Managing Partner Seth Berenzweig regularly appears in the national media, providing legal analysis and coverage of breaking news for CNN, HLN, Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television. He also works with entrepreneurs and former professional athletes to help with media relationships and business growth, and works with companies in the social media and television industries.

Frank Gulino

Associate Attorney Frank Gulino is an award-winning composer, trombonist, and artist/clinician for the Edwards Instrument Company who has experience working with music publishers, instrument manufacturers, and world-class performers. He also serves as a panelist in prominent entertainment seminars, including instructional discussion at the Washington West Film Festival and the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

Drew Smith

Special Counsel Drew Smith has negotiated contracts for professional athletes and members of the media for nearly a decade, and also worked at an ESPN Radio affiliate as a drive-time radio host. His accomplishments have been featured in the Washington Post, Washington Times and USA Today. Drew is an NFLPA-certified agent and well versed in the language of collective bargaining agreements and professional union matters. He represents many nationally known professional athletes, as well as on-air personalities in the entertainment and media industry.

Clyde Findley

Attorney Clyde Findley is a trumpet player, software and video game developer, and experienced litigator whose expertise in the field of intellectual property extends to the publishing and recording industries. The attorneys in this practice area also have access to the full complement of business litigation and intellectual property resources provided by Berenzweig Leonard.

Ryen Rasmus

Associate Attorney Ryen Rasmus has comprehensive experience working with intellectual property issues in the publishing and film contexts. Ryen has performed extensive research focused on the interplay between the American system of intangible rights and the interests of writers, publishers, and film industry players. He has also performed work for major entertainment personalities and business entities both at Berenzweig Leonard and as a member of other entertainment-focused legal teams in Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Our Capabilities

The dynamic Entertainment, Sports and Media practice at Berenzweig Leonard blends real-world business and legal expertise with deep-rooted expertise in sports and media. By combining our demonstrated ability in business law and intellectual property with in-depth industry experience, Berenzweig Leonard is well-positioned to assist individual and institutional clients in handling a variety of entertainment and media-related legal matters, including:

  • Business development and strategy
  • Recording and publishing agreements
  • Copyrights and trademarks
  • Music patent litigation and licensing
  • Talent and agency contracts
  • Music licensing agreements
  • Software coding and licensing
  • Royalties and work for hire agreements
  • Publicity rights
  • Intellectual property protection and enforcement
  • Coverage of film, radio and TV contracts, and theater production issues

Services for Professional Athletes and Broadcasters

Berenzweig Leonard has also uniquely positioned itself to enhance the services provided to current and former professional athletes, coaches and broadcasters. Berenzweig Leonard not only advises such clients on contract negotiation, media, and representation matters, but also provides an array of additional services including:

  • Marketing and endorsement contract procurement and negotiation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Creation and management of nonprofits
  • Review of media employment agreements
  • Development of new business ventures

The Corporate Huddle

The goal of Berenzweig Leonard is to heighten our clients’ value through brand enhancement and practical professional development. Berenzweig Leonard’s commitment to its clients goes beyond the typical relationship, as demonstrated through the creation of the Corporate Huddle, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping former professional athletes connect with leaders in the corporate world and providing them with an outlet to enhance their business growth and prepare for life after retirement from professional sports.

The lawyers at Berenzweig Leonard are true professionals, forward looking and pragmatic. They closely follow what is going on in business, and anticipate and resolve legal issues before they become conflicts for their clients.

- Daniel Weiss CEO Chartwell Compliance