Clyde Findley

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Clyde Findley is a seasoned attorney who specializes in patent litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. His particular focus on software disputes is a natural evolution of his 20-year career as a software developer. Many of those early years included executive positions in upper management as well as ownership of two small software engineering companies. From that wide-ranging experience, Clyde is able to provide counseling and advice on technical and business issues, as well as a variety of legal matters.

As a litigator, Clyde is involved in all aspects of legal disputes, from pre-suit investigations through expert discovery, motions practice, settlement negotiation, trial, and appeal. His cases have involved a variety of technologies, including object linking and embedding, vehicle interface and control systems, variable data printing, network monitoring, and digital music.

Clyde has also drafted and prosecuted patent applications and has prepared opinions covering patent validity, enforceability and infringement. His technical subject matter experience includes real-time control systems, games, combat simulators, telecommunications, language compilers and translators, and database management systems.

Before joining Cloudigy Law, Clyde was a litigator at the Washington, DC offices of Kenyon & Kenyon and Crowell & Moring.

Clyde is fascinated by neuroscience and cognitive psychology, particularly the mechanisms that underlie human reason, perception, and belief. He is an active member of the West Springfield chapter of Rotary International. And on weekends, you may catch a glimpse of Clyde riding his Harley on the back roads of Virginia.


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Professional Memberships 

  • American Bar Association American
  • Intellectual Property Law Association
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers