Exit Planning



Developing a strategy for sound exit planning can readily enhance the monetary value of a company and increase returns for executives and owners. Business owners and executives can often unlock the value of their company by taking basic legal steps that can ultimately decrease operating costs, while significantly enhancing a liquidity event.

Berenzweig Leonard helps companies and executives implement this approach, with a straightforward review and assessment of certain corporate documents, to address important inquiries including:

  • Is the company in good standing with solid governance documents to protect the owners and preserve company value?
  • Are the owners of the company adequately protected in the formation materials?
  • Does the company have sound employment agreements in place for key personnel that protect the company and reflect best HR practices?
  • Has the company adopted sound practices and procedures to enhance and safeguard its intellectual property?
  • Does the company have key cyber and data protection requirements to head off exposure?
  • Does the company have sound and basic protections in place in its core teaming documents to head off harmful litigation, and include critical clauses that safeguard the company against loss and preserve revenue?

The cost-effectiveness and value proposition for businesses to invest the time for this approach is straightforward:

  • Sound governance documents avoid costly founder/member disputes and pave the way for an efficient and maximized exit, with streamlined expenses.
  • Effective employment agreements protect the company by putting in place solid agreements and restrictions for its employees, which control personnel, fight competitors, minimize HR headaches and enhance the value of the company.
  • Sound employment (and consultant) agreements also safeguard a ‘costs-down, revenues-up’ business environment due to minimized litigation.
  • Adequately protected intellectual property preserves the company’s competitive advantage, and protects its valuable assets thus enhancing its valuation
  • Solid teaming agreements have critical clauses in place to contain risk and costs; which increase executives’ leverage over company assets and decrease costs of enforcement so they can focus on profits and spend less time in

Berenzweig Leonard helps companies and executives implement this assessment to diagnose problems, demonstrate solutions for cost savings and improved efficiencies, facilitate smooth purchaser due diligence, and increase valuation.